My October Word of the Month poem

BULLETIN: We have our first posted poem by a student!! Please click on YOUNG POETS W.O.M. POEMS to enjoy the work of Kelly Kusterman’s 4th grade student, Ana. Hooray for Ana!

David publicity photo

Hi everyone,

Here it is.

In the Park
David L. Harrison

I saw a man, mid-nineties easy,
sitting alone on a bench.
Shoulders squared he watched
from under shrubby brows
the parade of park goers
strolling, dog walking, buggy pushing
along the path.
Mostly his eyes lingered
on shapely-legged mini-skirted young women
on lunch break from nearby offices,
and the bobulating breasts of joggers.

Some of the girls smiled as they passed.
I saw him nod, his vein-corded hands
resting lightly on the ivory knob of his cane.

At 1:00 the old gent rose.
In a series of small maneuvers,
he placed one hand on the bench,
used it and the cane to push himself,
slowly erect.

He stood for a time, setting his bearings,
then walked carefully, head high,
to the nearby bus stop.

Somehow he managed to pull himself
up the steps, pay his fare, and take a seat
as the bus rumbled away,
and I realized
I had just witnessed
a successful girl watching spree.

14 comments on “My October Word of the Month poem

    • Good morning, Jeanne! The arthritis part was real enough. The rest was a figment of my imagination. Sort of a nonfiction poem you might say.

    • Hi, Dear Mary Nida. True enough. As the going becomes creeping and flowing is down to a trickle, keep on a’going.

  1. This makes me want to have a poetry session with all ages to see what comes of their imaginary ‘sprees’, each one an adventure. Beautiful little story captured here, David.

    • Thank you, Linda. I don’t suppose that Highlights would be interested in such a workshop but someone somewhere might. It would be fun.

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