Meanwhile at Goose Lake

REMINDER: Don’t forget the Friends of the Library book sale that’s still going on in Springfield. The big book sale (and CDs, DVDs, audiobooks and more!) is Tuesday, Oct. 21, through Sunday, Oct. 26, at Remington’s, 1655 W. Republic Road. For times and details call 417-872-5149 or visit


Hi everyone,

While I’ve been sitting in front of my computer in a darkened room, cackling and carrying on, life around the lake carries out business as usual. Yesterday I spotted this praying mantis making its way up a concrete column toward the roof. I don’t know if it was headed home for the night or just looking for something to eat. Judging from its girth I’d guess it wasn’t too hungry.

My thanks to all who have so far helped celebrate October as the 5th anniversary of Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. We’re greeting some old friends who haven’t come around in a while and hope to see others before the month ends. I’m so pleased to see some student poets posted this month. Please show them some support by clicking on the Young Poets W.O.M. Poems box to enjoy what they’ve shared with us.
Anne Cox
In other news, Anne Cox recently had a delightful book published about yoga for kids. Congratulations, Anne. I’m sorry that I missed your signing at Barnes & Noble last week. Glad it went well. Here’s a link to Amazon. .

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