The spirits got me too

Hi everyone,

For anyone who tuned in last night’s Google Hangout with Ruth Culham, Kate Messner, Lisa Yee, and Varian Johnson, expecting me to be there, too, I apologize. The cast agreed to get hooked up thirty minutes ahead of the start time because the previous night when we rehearsed it took nearly that long just to get us all together on the Google connection. Our host Jayme was the last one to figure out where the rest of us were waiting.

Last night I clicked on the link provided at 6:30 CST and was the first one there. Unfortunately, the others were gathering somewhere else and neither they nor I could figure out why the same link took me one place and them to another. I tried everything I could think of. After forty-five minutes, which was fifteen minutes into the live program, I finally called my son for help. He couldn’t crack the code either. So with only fifteen minutes remaining in the show I finally gave up and watched the others do a wonderful job and wished I were there too.

I’m not sure I could have made it through the program anyway. I’m in my third day of fever, sore throat, coughing, and croaking. I’m on antibiotics and prescription gargle and have tried every home remedy that friends have suggested, but truth is I can hardly say two words without another round of coughing. This, too, shall pass. Until it does, I’ll continue to spend nights on the sofa, get up late, and stay indoors.


12 comments on “The spirits got me too

    • I hate technology,except when it works. Then i love it. I tried the crock pot but the fumes gagged me and the narrator scared me half to death with all that insane cackling.

  1. Know the coughing, post-nasal drip which activates the tickle, and the chest ache from tender membranes. I now use “Air Born” immune defense tablets which clear my congestion and flavor my water intake. A teacher thought these up, and you know how I trust them.

    • Hi, Linda. Thanks for being there last night during the program. I hope you found it worthwhile. Naturally I was frustrated but such things happen.

    • Thank you, Catherine. I’m feeling much better today. Still coughing but no fever or sore throat. Not the best week ever.

    • Greetings, Laura! I’m glad to have your feedback about the Hangout. Since I missed most of the show it helps me to hear how others viewed it. I had some specific examples I wanted to share and hope there will still be a way to do that before long. Hope things are good with you!

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