Last night on the sofa



Hi everyone,

I’m still croaking but my fever’s gone and the soreness has left my throat. I think it’s safe to return to our bed tonight. Fingers crossed that Sandy doesn’t get what I’ve had.IMAG1771

Tomorrow night we’re in for a hard frost so I’m hoping it will kill the swarms of gnats that have filled the air lately, biting us even in the pool and leaving red welts that itch for days. IMAG1767Our gorgeous late season flowers will need our help to survive so out will come the sheets and towels to make the yard look like an explosion in a laundry-mat.


11 comments on “Last night on the sofa

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, your fever’s at its end. Please take these roses that I send, with best wishes from your friend–
    (who thinks you’re safe from the Home and that I have no future in the greeting card industry.)

  2. At first, I felt pity –
    flu’s treating you cruel –
    but then I thought twice
    since you’re still in your pool!

    Just kidding, David – I’m glad you’re feeling better. (even if you’re only getting frost this weekend, and we’re scheduled for some snow!)

  3. I left a reply but it didn’t get posted. Sniff.

    (That’s an I-am-annoyed sniff. Not an I’m-getting- the-flu sniff.)

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