Trick or Treat at Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Happy Halloween. I’ve heard that at times witches can take small shapes, no bigger than a tiny spider patiently waiting in her web for some juicy little tidbit for a treat.

Yesterday I observed one such wee character. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a hat or carrying a broom, but something about her character made me suspect her of witch-like qualities. She wove a crafty web between two small, black lanterns on our brick wall and I watched her wait there as though she didn’t care at all about the succulent little moths flitting about so tantalizingly near her open invitation.

The curled hackberry leaf she eventually caught landed in her web like a plane and made her look like an angry dot beside it. This must have made her want to change forms again so she could stamp her feet and mutter curses under her snapping eyes and foul breath. As for me, I didn’t dare smile but managed to take this picture for you.



3 comments on “Trick or Treat at Goose Lake

  1. David, neat little story. Since the spooks have entered my woodland garden and the yard, all my summer wildlife friends went into hiding. When the ground is covered with leaves and white flakes arrive, will they reappear begging for food with stories to share?

  2. I can see that tiny dot! Poor disappointed tiny witch on Halloween. Perhaps she never earned her diploma? Sorry I’m so late, was doing the ‘spree’ at school, & hosting Poetry Friday-busy. Happy Halloween, & nearly November to you, David! Glad you’re better!

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