Word of the Month for November

Hi everyone,

I don’t have my computer today and won’t be able to remove October poems and comments just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get started with new poems for November.

Remember what it is? BREW. Brew and Spree tied when we had a ballot so I announced then that we’d go with Brew this month. Whose idea was that? You, Matt?

My thanks again to everyone who played a role in making October so much fun. It was a fine celebration! I hope those who joined us for the first time or for the first time in a while will continue to play with us in November. I must say that the word — brew — is fairly foaming over with potential!


5 comments on “Word of the Month for November

  1. No brew

    None for me.
    I want no brew.
    It makes my tummy
    heave and spew.

    Give me some tea,
    Or sparkling water,
    Just like you’d give
    your own wee daughter.

    (the likely wound)
    your carpet will be
    duly ruined.

    And I will dance
    the cha-cha-cha.
    As for your brew,
    well brew-ha-ha.

    ©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Good grief, a new word? I’m still worn out from that epic I posted two days ago…is it the first of the month already?? Yes, I think I did suggest ‘brew’…I suppose I need to get cracking!

    And Jane, cute poem – the last line makes it.

  3. November – Brew

    When we first met,
    You were like a sweet and grassy cup of tea;
    Ready to add a little bit of
    Tartness and spice to me.

    As our friendship grew,
    You helped me seep into a floral blend,
    Your strength surpassed
    My slightest and weakest whim.

    Aromas arise
    From the cups of laughter we brew;
    Each time we sit down
    Our friendship to renew.

  4. I found myself upon my billowing mop,
    I knew then the brew became too strong to hold my thoughts, or let alone walk.
    The brew was the catalyst for brewing itself,
    I hope to remember to brew once again,
    So, I may repeat this process the day after next.

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