Mentor texts

Hi everyone,

Some of you know that when the night came for Ruth Culham’s Google Hangout hosted by International Reading Association, my link failed me and I was never able to join the rest of the group to participate in the show. Talk about bummed out!

As a follow-up though, the moderator for IRA, Jayme Gravell, talked with IRA editor April Hall, and they invited me to send along my suggestions for mentor texts to add to their blog post. I thought it was quite gracious of them and I accepted. Here’s the link so you can see what has already been posted. Mine should come along before long.
My question to you is, do you use mentor texts yourself and, if so, what sources would you recommend? The floor is open.


One comment on “Mentor texts

  1. David, maybe I have this all wrong, but perhaps we need a definition of “mentor” texts. The list of books on the link is of books to help children learn to read. It is merely a reading list of interesting books to me. As a children’s poet, what would be really useful to me is a list of books people have used to learn how to write poetry for children, or good examples of children’s poetry books.
    It really isn’t all about me, I promise.
    So, what books do people use to become better children’s poets?

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