A good week for writing

David on rock 1

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a good week. Most of the days have been free of meetings and the poetry manuscript is rocking. Now and then I get into a groove and don’t dare leave it while things are coming clearly. Today while driving I turned onto a wrong street, not uncommon during such periods. The week has been roughly equivalent to two or three normal weeks. This doesn’t happen often but I accept the gift with gratitude.



10 comments on “A good week for writing

  1. As long as you aren’t turning up a one-way street going the wrong way, this could be the start of a happy adventure. Glad your writing is going well. Celebrate.

    • Oh don’t you though? I hope these are as good as I think they are. When the string runs out, I’ll go back to take a serious look. For now I’m having too much fun.

  2. Yesterday I mailed the wrong picture book to Eileen Spinelli, lost $400 in the checking account, and broke my favorite Corningware. Was it DST, November’s thirty degree temperature, or too much traveling? The writing and illustrating accelerated at warp speed…left me in the dust. Grace drove the car. Set belt held me.
    Passed you, David on the wrong street. We both found home.
    Jeanne Poland

  3. This was a good morning for me. After checking in with PiBoIdMo, I did a complete revision on an old manuscript. It still needs a lot more revision but it felt so good to get through it with a different mindset and make the revisions that I did. 🙂

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