My 2-minute poem for November

Hi everyone,

I’ll return to active duty before long but for now I want to post a poem that represents about two minutes of labor. At least I scored a November Word of the Month effort.

“Brew-hoo-hoo!” cried the coffee pot.
“Waaaaaaaaaaa!” cried the cup.
“Someone forgot to plug us in.
Someone forgot to get up.
Someone forgot to measure coffee.
Someone forgot to pour the water.
Empty and forlorn on the counter,
Powerless to do what we ought’er.”

Who said that’s silly? I heard that!


17 comments on “My 2-minute poem for November

  1. Oh I’ve pondered, I’ve stewed;
    I sit in my lair, worry and brood
    About the world and all of its pain.
    The scary future hurts my brain.
    So I set some water to boil
    Over the flame the bubbles roil…
    I think of the good, the friends I’ve got,
    Thinking Peace & Hope, I fill the pot;
    With boiling water the tea bags brew
    Still… I’m fearful, regretful and blue
    What’s the use, I think, of all this thinking?
    I toss out the tea and get to drinking –
    ‘Oh, get over yourself,’ I sit and mutter.
    “No sense winding up drunk in a gutter’
    I take a deep breath and I decide
    To walk in the sun. I go outside,
    Outside with the birds, in the cold clear air;
    Walking + Breathing = Prayer
    That all will be well
    That in peace we’ll dwell.
    And as near as I can tell
    That in a handbasket the world’s always
    Been headed to hell.
    Might as well live anyhow!
    There. I feel better now

    • Hi, Cheryl! Thank you for adding to the brew. Jane will be happy to be joined by a fellow tea drinker. Here’s a question for you. What is the proper way to say “fellow” when addressing two women? Or, “hi guys,” when no guys are involved. Anyway, I like your poem and must now go sit in a corner and contemplate your probing questions.

  2. Two minutes? Really, David? This is excellent and fun and durn, it would take me half a day to come up with something half as good. But then you are the master. Well done. And obviously you hadn’t even had your coffee yet.

    • Greetings, Joy! I’ve lost track of the Kenya trip. You’ve been? We need a report! As for the poem, I truly slapped the lines together as they came without taking time to revise other than two switch the order of two lines. Glad you like the result.

  3. I LOVE the poem, David! I too am guilty. I can think of “other comments” that my coffee pot might spew out in frustration at my distraction. Thanks for the chuckles.

    • Greetings, my friend! I agree, it’s fun to share early drafts, especially when accompanied by final versions. In this case they were one and the same.

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