Word of the Month poems?

Hi everyone,

I was just checking on the status of Word of the Month for November. We got off to a great start but it has now been ten days since the last poem was posted. Remember, the word this month is SPREE. Correction. The word is BREW!!! So . . .

Hoot ‘n’holler,
Cackle with glee,
We need our poets
To go on a spree!

Students, students,
Where can you be?
We need you poets
To go on a spree!

Newbies, oldies,
Listen to me,
We need you all
To go on a spree!

Hoot ‘n’holler,
Giggle and goo,
We need poets!
This means you!

Students, students,
You can too!
Show us all
What you can do.

Newbies, oldies,
We need a slew
Of fun poems
Inspired by BREW!


12 comments on “Word of the Month poems?

    • Dear Confused in Italy,
      Well you might ask why I went off on a spree instead of brewing up something more appropriate. One might suggest that the next time I urge poets to take up the W.O.M. challenge I should remind myself of the right word!
      A thousand pardons for the confusion!! BREW it is so brew away. However, since you have already composed a poem based on erroneous information, I hope you will share it with us!

  1. There was an old poet who lived in a shoe;
    He had so many words he didn’t know WHAT to do;
    He implored his Muse, got out his dictionary,
    But his imagination remained contrary. He felt so blue
    So he went walking, thinking, until he came home
    To down some brews, blowing off the foam
    And here came that Muse, that jolly old gnome,
    Next thing you know, he’d turned out a tome
    With lots of words & well-turned lines
    And once again, the sun, he shines!

    • Aha! So that’s the real meaning and purpose of brew! Cheryl, thanks for the lesson and the amusement. Someone gave me a t-shirt that says, “My muse is lying drunk in an alley.” Now I understand.

  2. Love the banter, babble and blubber.
    Spent yesterday with an artist friend @ the Alzheimer’s Unit. The creative energy is still working. The memory, is ether. A prophecy of things to come….in rhyme.
    Jeanne Poland

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