Chowning and Lee to be inducted into Writers Hall of Fame

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On Wednesday I met at Midtown Library in Springfield with Randle Chowning Randle_Chowning-_2014-01-26_22-13and Larry Lee to interview them for a 45-minute video. Larry LeeKim Flores, president of Writers Hall of Fame, facilitated the meeting and Cina Canada took care of lights and recording and will now edit the result.

Chowning and Lee are the 2015 Writers Hall of Fame honorees and will be inducted at the Quill Award ceremony on March 14. They are only the second double winners in our history and the first musicians to be inducted. Both men grew up playing in bands, often their own, and formed the Ozark Mountain Daredevils when in their twenties. They are popular, successful, and widely known for their songs and musicianship.
Ozark_Mountain_Daredevils_1975 (1)
“If You Wanna Get to Heaven,” written by Steve Cash and John Dillon, was produced in 1973 and hit the top 30 chart. Randle was involved in the creation of the song and played lead guitar and sang the lead vocal.

Two years later Lee wrote “Jackie Blue,” which soared to #3. Both musicians eventually migrated to Nashville where they worked solo and with a number of established groups for more than ten years before returning to the Springfield area.

Larry and Randle are articulate and humble about their successes and fans will love what they had to say during our interview. It was my privilege to meet them in the Midtown studio and I look forward to sharing the results with as wide an audience as possible.

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4 comments on “Chowning and Lee to be inducted into Writers Hall of Fame

  1. There are legions of people in the United Kingdom who love the Ozarks music and have fond memories of listening and playing songs from those early albums and doing their own acoustic versions of It’ll Shine When It Shines, Whippoorwill and countless others in British pubs in the 1970s and beyond. And the bonus of the Beyond Reach music over the past decade or so was unexpected but so appreciated. Thanks, guys.

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