My evergreen poem

Hi everyone,

Here it is, he said with a straight face.
David L. Harrison

Since my sis became a teen
All she does is primp and preen,
Do her hair and keep it clean,
Work to make herself look lean.

I don’t want to call her mean
But sister has a jealous gene.
Our cousin won Homecoming Queen
And sis will be . . .

. . . forever green.

(Want to hear me cackle again?)

18 comments on “My evergreen poem

    • Glad you like it, Jane. I started with the punch line as you might suppose. Thank you for the delightful haiku. I love it.

    • Thank you, Linda. I love to look at words from as many angles as possible. Surprising opportunities open up that way.

  1. Thanks for the smile David. The “Evergreen” prompt led me to a new song/poem which doesn’t get around to the word or even theme of “Evergreen,” but it was the inspiration so I’ll share it with you. We had 11″ of very wet snow on Thanksgiving Eve and Day. I live on theedge of the woods and many of the tall white pines were blanketed with shawls of white. It wasa truly lovely site but somewhat ironically with the beauty cam destruction as many limbs andtrunks of trees were torn apart and came crashing down. As I hike through the woods the next day I was in awe of the beauty as well as the life lesson I absorbed.  (Absorbed is a great word,isn’t if?) Anyway the unfinished song is titled  “In the Woods Behind My House There are Giants” Thanks for the prompt, even if I didn’t follow the directions. In the Woods Behind My House There Are Giants

    JF / Dec 1, 2014

      In the woods behind my house

    There are giants standingtall

    But they weren’t alwaysgiants

    Once they were really quitesmall

      As small as an acorn, assmall as a pine cone

    As small as a maple leaf

    Now they are giants, butonce they were small

    Just like you and me

      In the woods behind my house

    The giants can touch the sky

    But there was a time when theycouldn’t

    No matter how hard that theytried

      They tried in the spring,they tried in the summer

    They kept trying day andnight

    Till finally one day, whenno one was looking

    Those giants reached up to thesky

      In the woods behind my house

    The giants created a home

    They’ve never needed towander away

    They’ve left it to others toroam

      The owls and hawks, thesquirrels and bees

    They travel both far andnear

    They bring back news, theybring back songs

    For their landlords, thegiants to hear            (landlords was originally “friends”)

      In the woods behind my house

    Some of the giants are hurt

    The ice and snow, the windand rain

    Has brought them back downto the earth

      Back down to the soil, backdown to the worms

    Back down to the rottingleaves

    The giants came back towhere they were born

    So that one day, new giantsmight be


    email: Bridges of Peace and Hope web site:  Mary Jain for bookings and orders    607-965-8983 John’s cell: 845-216-1939 John’s mailing addressPO Box 742Hillsdale NY 12529

    • Greetings friend John,
      Many thanks for sharing your song in progress. I admire your work and can hear your voice singing this.

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