Making progress

ANNOUNCEMENT: The other day I mentioned interviewing Randle Chowning and Larry Lee who, among numerous accomplishments over their long careers, established Ozark Mountain Daredevils in the 70s. Randle is now fund raising to make a new CD so if you’re interested, here’s what Jaynie Chowning tells me you can do. “We just launched Randle’s Kickstarter Campaign today! We have 30 days to raise the funding for him to do a new CD. Please spread the word. Tell people to go to and type in Randle’s name. It will give you details and tell people how to help when you get to his site. Thanks so very much. Wish us luck!”

Hi everyone,

I finished poem #6 yesterday in a new collection. It’s slow going but enjoyable. I have no time line for completion but it’s the main focus of my energy at the moment. Today I need to pull off to work on another project but I can afford the time off task for a while. I like to be in a groove like this.

I’m told that CHILDREN’S LITERATURE IN THE READING PROGRAM is due out next month so that will kick off 2015 in good form. I only wrote one chapter in it but it’s Chapter One. It’s about using poetry in the classroom and includes poems or quotes by Jane Yolen, Kenn Nesbitt, and Joyce Sidman.

I know of three anthologies I’ll be in in 2015 and three education books for which I wrote all the poems. My next book of poems is due out in 2016 and the art I’ve seen so far is spectacular. I have another book of poems under contract and written so hopefully it can still make it out in 2016 also.

Some other interesting possibilities are under development. Maybe more about them later.

8 comments on “Making progress

    • Good morning, Jane! And thanks. Now and then it’s good to stick my head up out of the tunnel to look around and reset my bearings.

  1. Great! Keep on keeping on. My book “Submarine Stories of the 20th Century”, I am under contract for needs to be at the publisher in March. There will be some poetry written by submarine veterans about their life on submarines.

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