A new writer’s malady

Hi everyone,

Let the record show that on this day I sat down to post something and nothing came. I think I have a case of — ready for this? — writer’s blog.

As soon as someone writes a clever couplet about my malady, I’m hoping that the gates will open, my muse will fly through to my arms, and I’ll be back in business! Won’t you help? I ask so little and I’m so needy!



31 comments on “A new writer’s malady

  1. Just as you sit down with pen,
    the writer’s blog debuts and then

    you shake your head, you stomp and rage,
    yell, “It’s not fair”, that blank, blank page.

    Remember gentle thoughts, when rising
    will come with brainy exercising.

    • My goodness but I’m getting such sage advice here! Thank you, Linda. I hope you didn’t hear me yelling clear out in Colorado!

    • Aha! Cory, I bet that’s just what you do up there north of the border. That’s where you take all those wonderful pictures!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Writer’s blog had robbed me of
    All the zesty words I love.

    I had no notion what to do
    and so of course I turned to you.

    My blog fog has gone to stay.
    Your wittiness has saved the day!

  3. It’s not a couplet, but there is some rhyme!

    As I begin to scribble
    My brain starts to tick
    Yet refuses to tock,
    Stuck in mud with no way out
    I have writers block!

    (c) Charles Waters 2014, all rights reserved.

    • Charles, it’s good to hear from you again, and I appreciate your help. You expressed it exactly right. My brain has been stuck on tick.

    • And greetings to you, Buffy! Now that I’m functioning again, I look back on all this help and feel grateful for sure!

  4. oh David Harrison, what clever, witty friends you have – birds of a feather.

    A single word may be strong and true
    Like a lone bird in the windy blue
    And yet, when one struggles with writer’s block
    How one yearns for a fluttering flock!
    Sentences, paragraphs, soaring & singing
    Gliding through the clouds, ideas winging.

    • Oh my goodness, Cheryl! How I have missed those ideas soaring and winging around my head only slightly south of my hair follicles. Now I’m feeling all better again!

  5. My gratitude to one and all for these charming, medicinal, poetic prescriptions! Thanks to you I now have the inspiration to carry on! The drain has been unblogged!

      • Ha! he laughed. Ho ho! Hee hee!
        This blog won’t get the best of me.
        The fog is gone, unplugged the drain,
        I’m so happy I complained.

      • He’s happily unclogged the drainage.
        Doesn’t care about the rainage.
        That’s author authority
        Unplugged, and off on a writing spree.

        (Notice how I used a keyword from before, for extra points.)

      • Once again she’s proved her worth
        With clever wit and merry mirth
        To giggle me from this dreary bog
        And steer me back on track to blog.

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