When a child reads

Hi everyone,

I’m back, thanks to the clever couplets provided by friends who knew how to help me locate my muse and rushed to my aid with advice. My thanks to all!

Saturday’s book signing at Maschino’s in Springfield went very well, thanks to the excellent planning of Nancy Dornan, Jeanne and David Duffey, and the rest of the team. I don’t know yet how much was raised for Writers Hall of Fame but it was a great effort and much appreciated.

For me a highlight was meeting a little girl named Gentry. Her grandmother, Anne Cox, was one of the other authors signing books and she brought Gentry over to meet me. I asked what grade she’s in and she said she was in kindergarten but they put her in first grade. I picked up FARMER’S DOG GOES TO THE FOREST and read the first page in which the dog interviews the trail that leads into the woods in a poem for two voices.

Anne then said, “Gentry, why don’t you read the next page?” And this charming young girl proceeded to read effortlessly, flawlessly, and with obvious understanding of what she was reading. That page, the next, and on. Soon she picked up another book and read that. I don’t know when she learned to read, or who taught her, but Gentry has been given that most precious gift of reading and is on her way. I thought about her the rest of the day.

When an author meets one-on-one with such a delightful young reader, it’s a day worth remembering. Thank you, Gentry. The pleasure was mine.



3 comments on “When a child reads

    • I wanted to share her because we all work for Gentry and all those other young people out there who still have their lives ahead of them and so much in store. The sooner they get their dreams started, the better the journey.

  1. Appreciations for this story of light & joy, arriving in this special season, it means so much more. Hope to meet other readers like Gentry. And so sure her life will be bright, 10, 20, 30… years hence.

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