Back to the gym

Hi everyone,

Sandy and I used to go to the gym for an hour two or three times a week. She liked to walk around the track for two or three miles. I would walk a mile and then hit the machines for the rest of the time. Then we stopped. No good reason. Just lost the habit. A year passed. We started again but before long we’d stopped going again. Last week I signed us up again and yesterday was the day when we agreed to start back. Sandy was on her way after work and I was to join her there after a meeting across town. My meeting ran late and we had to cancel our gym date. Not a good start.

I enjoy being physically fit a lot more than the process of getting there. Even back in my days as a baseball pitcher I tended to play my way into shape as the season progressed rather than work out prior to the beginning of the year. I’m still in reasonable condition but that’s more a blessing of genetics than from anything I do to earn it. Each morning when I go to the kitchen for coffee, I walk in the dark so I can look at the lake. In the kitchen I turn on the light to pour coffee. Then, holding a full cup in each hand, I stand in front of the light switch, lift one leg, and turn off the switch with my foot. I’ve never spilled a drop. It’s my morning test to see if I can still do it. As long as I can, who needs the gym? Okay, maybe we’ll get there on Wednesday. Wait, I have a meeting that evening. Okay, maybe Friday will work.

Sandy saw someone on Sunday Morning a couple of weeks ago who said he was in his 80s and he and his wife had sex almost every night. Almost on Monday. Almost on Tuesday. Almost on Wednesday. For us, the gym is like that. We almost go every day.

13 comments on “Back to the gym

  1. Jim and I walk the neighborhood. We have a mile and a half route, which isn’t a lot, and some days we walk more than once. It’s our talk time. Or silent time. Can be either one. We bundle up in frigid weather and look like homeless people, but who cares? I tried the gym for a short while. Too much effort to get there. (It’s a good six blocks from our house.)

  2. You would have to club me and drag me by my hair to get me to enter a gym. A more boring place was never created on Earth. In NYC I kept in shape with tae kwon do, which I loved because I learned something and got to kick some butt at the same time. Here in Italy, though, I am much less active. I have the Wii Fitness thingy, which is actually quite good and helped me lose weight in the comfort of my own home.

    • I can’t imagine the mother of two little boys thinking she’s not very active! I agree that the gym is a boring place. Maybe that’s my problem. But I’m too old to play baseball and I quit bowling years ago and Sandy does most of the butt kicking around here . . .

  3. Thank you for the entertaining banter. I like to jump in the pool with seniors and straddle a noodle, and start doing jumping jacks with arm weights in the deep end.
    Don, my partner floats nearby, the only man in the pool with 50 women; but some of them are in their 90’s! Always entertaining!
    Jeanne Poland

    • Ah but women are forever women, Jeanne. Show me a man in a pool with 50 women and I’ll show you a thoroughly confused but happy man. When my mother was 95, a gentleman in the retirement center where she lived called her a hottie. I hadn’t seen her grin like that since before Dad died in 1989.

    • Jeanne, I just reread my note and realize that I left out an important word. I meant that Mom hadn’t grinned like that since BEFORE Dad died, not BECAUSE he did! Sigh.

    • Hi, Joy! I’m glad you’re back and want to hear about your trip to Kenya. I hope you had the experience of a lifetime.

  4. Well, David, I’m 82 and recently I’ve been hitting the gym about 4 to 5 times a week. Weights, aerobics, stretches … the whole grunt and groan thing. But, it took me about 3 years of screwing around before I got back to that routine. If you can flick the wall switch with your toe, you’re waaaaay ahead of most folks, regardless of age.
    As for that sex thing, well, hmmmm, I’m pretty sure I know what that is; just can’t recall at the moment.
    Good fun, yah?

    • Thanks, Gene. That gives me hope that before much longer I can regain the habit of getting there on a routine basis. By the way, we almost did it again last night. It has almost been my lucky year.

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