Merry Christmas from Poland

Merry Christmas 2014 from Poland

Hi everyone,

Some time ago I told you about a Polish gentleman who runs a remarkable library in his home town. Here’s the link back to that post. Since I became represented in his library, Tadeusz had kept in touch and just now sent this picture of him holding Victoria.

I have high regard for Tadeusz Glowinski and his wonderful library, which he tends with help from his granddaughter, Daria. I don’t think he’ll mind if I share his Christmas greeting with all of you. I include his contact information in case any of you might like to send your own wishes to him.

Dear David,

I wish You a very Merry Christmas
and all the best for healthy, happy and successful 2015!

With love from

Tadeusz Glowinski, Daria, Victoria and GLOWINSKIS’ LIBRARY

2 comments on “Merry Christmas from Poland

  1. I guess I missed your earlier post about this wonderful story, David. Glad to see it now. It’s great that one of your books is in such a special place, trumps a bunch, doesn’t it?

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