The eagle is back

Hi everyone,

In the last two days I’ve admired two large birds. Our resident blue heronGreat_blue_heron_-_natures_pics came galumphing through the air down the shoreline, its enormous wings beating in slow motion, then lumbered skyward to settle on the uppermost perch of a tall tree. There are few birds I enjoy watching more than the heron,
unless it would be the majestic bird that yesterday flashed its white head and skated the flowing currents in long, lazy 8s high above Goose Lake. It was the first time this year to be visited by royalty. New York may host a prince and princess but we have the great one itself and wouldn’t trade.

I wish these pictures were mine but alas I had to snatch them off the net. I was just beginning to ponder a chat between the heron and the eagle when my editor came to my rescue with her timely e-mail.


6 comments on “The eagle is back

    • I’ve watch the lake for twenty-five years, Sandy, and I don’t think I could ever get tired of it. You’re right though. Sometimes I go out to the patio to work but I find it distracting.

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