Hi everyone,

Yesterday I watched a pair of crows in the grass across the street. They had discovered a neighbor’s trash bag left at the curb for pickup. Through my binoculars I could see them taking turns pecking at the bottom of the bag. Little by little they made a hole in it large enough to do a little treasure hunting. When one crow made off with a chicken bone in its beak, the second crow redoubled its efforts. I let them each pull out a couple of treats before calling my neighbor to let her know that she was about to have garbage strewn around her yard. A few minutes later one of the crows was on my roof pecking away at a bug or whatever morsel it managed to find or bring up there.

Crows are everywhere. One estimate I read is that there are 31 million American Crows in North America. American Crows have learned to recognize all sorts of human food: fruits, vegetables, cooked meats of all shapes and sizes, bread, pastries, noodles, ice cream, potato chips, even sauces. And they’re fun to watch, unless it’s your trash bag being gored.

2 comments on “Crows

    • Ha! As you might guess, there are several bird watchers around the lake so we’re all armed with binoculars. We have no draperies on our bedroom window but I figure that after 25 years the new has surely worn off by now.

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