Hit and miss

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else noticed how hectic the pace has become lately or am I the only one? Every day has new distractions — not necessarily bad — and additional responsibilities and honey-do lists and decorating and straightening and preparing and looking for clean shirts and . . . well, it’s the holiday season for heaven’s sake.

If you’re hoping for much wisdom from me these days, all I can say is that finding new words for daily posts doesn’t always happen. I apologize. Best I can do this morning is to share an image I saw yesterday morning through my bedroom window. I was inspired by it and hope, when I can get to it, to write a poem.

It was an overcast morning. The lake was still and gray as a slate. Swimming ducks left lines in the water like contrails across Goose Lake.
Goose Lake, 12-20-10 005

With all good wishes from our house to yours.



4 comments on “Hit and miss

  1. Hi Dear Friend
    I bought an red amaryllis bulb for my sister and it required direct sunlight. But there was none, only a succession of cloudy, overcast, snowy days. Then, at her house in Boston, she placed the bud between 2 candles on the dining table. The bud grew over an inch, in 3 hours responding to the heat of the flames. I learned: sunlight comes in a candle flame.
    Your ducks made a lightning strike across the gray lake! Contrails on Goose Lake!

    • Thank you, Linda. Our son and daughter-in-law got in last night so the week is already looking up! I’m glad you enjoy the pictures. They are so often the prompts for my poetry.

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