Home stretch

Hi everyone,

Jeff and Jennifer arrived last night, along with the granddogs. We sat up and visited till nearly 1:00. My new Lenovo ThinkPad arrived a few days ago so now the fun begins of setting up shop on the new machine. That would be Jeff’s domain. I’ve had the current laptop for a few years and I guess it’s time to trade up but it’s always hard to give up the familiar for a new learning curve.

Today I start a chapter about being an author for an upcoming book. It would be hard to know where to start except that I have some specific points to cover relative to the rest of the book. Off to the kitchen for more coffee, and then back into the wheel!

Wishing you all a good week,


6 comments on “Home stretch

  1. So happy you are starting anew with your laptop and Jeff’s guidance.
    I gave my iPhone to Don and had to become familiar with a new iPhone 6+!
    We had agony for 3 days as all the security codes had to be installed on my 7 devices, the network and “in the cloud”.
    I’m stalling with all the id’s and passwords, and codes, and poems on twitter, wordpress, podcasts and hardcover.
    But commenting to you is pure JOY!
    Jeanne Poland

    • The joy is mutual, dear Jeanne. And as for all the coming frustrations as I make the switch, I’ll borrow strength from you.

  2. going through all those codes & passwords is like satisfying tome invisible troll under a bridge made of numbers. all’s to be done is get caffeinated, motivated, & adopt one of those optimistic attitudes I read about from time to time

    • You’re scaring me so much that tears almost ran down my leg. Sigh. I must be a big boy. I must be a BIG boy. I MUST be a BIG boy. I must!

  3. Hey, isn’t it wonderful to STILL be able to work? What would we do without it? And the really nice thing is we get to name our own hours and our own projects. Happy Holidays and have fun with family. I’ll bet Sandy is having a blast with her chicks at home.

    • As they say, Joy, it’s only work if you don’t find pleasure in it. Therefore, I never work. Yes, Sandy is a happy mother hen. Lots of loving going on around here. I wish you the same kind of wonderful and warm Christmas.

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