Happy New Year

David on rock 1
Hi everyone,

With many thanks to my son Jeff for all his hard work, everything has now been transferred from my old Lenovo to my new one. It took a few days and was a job I was unqualified to do. During his spare time he also worked with a wiring expert to install three new speakers (to the left, right, and beneath our TV) to enhance the pleasure of listening to music and watching movies. Quite a wonderful Christmas gift!

So here we are considering the possibilities of a new year. I hope you can look back on 2014 and call it good and I wish you love, peace, happiness, and many fine experiences in 2015.

My thanks to everyone who follows my blog. I try to use it as a reflection of who I am, what interests me as a writer and a person, and a place to share and exchange thoughts. I’m grateful for all your comments this year, the mini-conversations that sometimes spring from them, your numerous contributions in so many ways that keep the blog alive and worth the time to visit.

Happy New Year!

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