And the word for January is . . .

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Hi everyone,

Here we go whistling into a new year with a new month and a new word for Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. Thanks to the recent list of suggestions I have a supply of words on hand for 2015.

To kick us off to a good start, let’s go with BELIEVE.

I’m eager to greet the new year with poems by friends near and far. Let’s do it.



14 comments on “And the word for January is . . .

    • Good morning, Mary Nida. I’m glad to hear from you to start this month and year. I wish you the best in 2015. You’re right. We gotta believe!

  1. Goodbye to All That

    I packed one small bag
    ready to leave
    the old year behind
    with its steamer trunks
    full of old resolves
    and half-done resolutions.
    I put in a thimblefull of hope,
    a dollop of charity,
    love and forgiveness,
    and a small perfume bottle
    filled with joy,
    all that was left from that old time.
    And then I realized
    that moving away ends
    with the same sharp syllable,
    something I had to become.
    Not leave–believe.
    Only then was I ready
    to head out the door.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Ah, a fitting and well done farewell to the old with brave hopes for the new. Beautifully sculpted, Jane. Thank you.

  3. David, I hope you & the MOW had a wonderful Christmas! I’ve been busy but haven’t been online much until the last few days, so I’m playing catch-up. I never did write an ‘evergreen’ poem, but the word DID help me create four new poems! I’ll try to get a ‘Believe’ poem posted soon.

    My best,

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