Squirrels and cats and birds, oh my

Goose Lake, January 14, 2011 001

Hi everyone,

Here at Goose Lake we’ve ushered in a new year filled with activity. With temperatures hovering in the teens at night, our resident squirrels are on panic alert to make sure their winter provisions are safely stored away. They’re literally running across our patio from one hidey-hole to another. I hope they’re taking notes or making a map or at least recording their secret spots on their little laptops. I’ve thought about taking out coffee but that would only slow them down.

Rain water on our pool cover has provided convenient a drinking spa for birds, cats, and squirrels. Like a water hole in the Serengeti, one must keep an eye on one’s neighbors around the water’s edge. Yesterday a dove was at one side of the pool and our neighbor’s beautiful calico cat named Mama Kitty crouched at the other, trying to look innocent as she peeked around the brick column she was using as a blind. Her switching tail gave her away and the dove was on full alert.

“Good morning, dear miss Dove,” I’m sure I heard Mama Kitty mew. “Get it? Like mourning dove? Good morning?”
“Drop dead, dummy,” cooed the dove.
“Oh my!” Mama murmured. “That’s no way for a sweet, plump, tender dove to talk. I come in peace.”
“Right. For a “peace” of me. Get out of here.”

In the end the dove headed for the trees and the disappointed cat wandered off to converse with game less sage.

Today we’ve been bombed by an enormous flock of starlings on their way (we hope!) to a wintering ground. We see them each year about now. They blow up out of nowhere, paint every branch on every tree with the end product of their ravenous appetites, drink up half the water on the pool cover, and vanish as suddenly as they came.

We’re off to a grand and glorious start to the year 2015. From all the denizens of Goose Lake, best wishes for a splendid year.


6 comments on “Squirrels and cats and birds, oh my

    • Aha! Those pesky little rascals! Well we’re hoping for the south signal any minute. Happy New Year, my friend. I look forward to the next time I see you.

    • Happy New Year, Michelle. I love to people watch but watching animals is even better. I’ll let you know when I open a refreshment stand!

    • Mary Nida, I know that you do a lot of nature watching too. I agree, it brings great pleasure to see it all at work.

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