Some faces tell so many stories

Hi everyone,

Did you see this face in an article yesterday about life on skid row?

man in skid row

What an intriguing face! Now and then you see someone like this, whose whole life seems etched in furrows and lines like a topographical map of his history. Fifty years ago I read a certain poet’s face described as a magnificent ruin. I saw a woman in the Amazon rain forest who could have been described like that. In my poem, “Face of the Amazon”:
Her face, mahogany
finely carved, deeply grained,
polished hard by sun and rain,
a portrait of the Amazon.
The man in the photograph yesterday is a good example of why I love to watch people. What stories he could tell us, if we could listen, if we could hear.



2 comments on “Some faces tell so many stories

  1. Robin Williams is alive and living as a homeless man?!?

    On a serious note, you’re right, David – I just saw a photo of a woman from a Peruvian jungle the other day, whose life could be read on her face. It definitely makes one stop and think about what humanity is all about.

    • Matt, you’re right about the resemblance. It hadn’t dawned on me. His was another face that told so much while withholding so much more. Thanks for your comment.

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