3 degrees on Goose Lake


Hi everyone,

Migrant geese appeared during the night to spend the cold black hours hunkered on the thin sheet of ice in the middle of the water.IMAG1920
They’ll take off soon to resume their journey. A few have already.

The flocks of robins, starlings, and finches will soon be gone too. Just one more drink for the road.



9 comments on “3 degrees on Goose Lake

  1. Three Degrees on Goose Lake

    No one is happy, me looking
    at the sinkholes of ice,
    footprints of some mindless Norse god,
    nor the sullen geese,
    feathered icicles depending
    from their shoulders.
    We all should be south by now,
    rowing across endless lagoons,
    and sweating in the July of the year.
    But no, here we sit, bottoms in ice,
    the only thing endless here
    are the complaints.

    –for DH

    ©2014 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Ah, I love it, Jane. Thank you. We should all, indeed, get our bottoms out of the ice and start rowing. Three degrees? Who cares? I have my love to keep me warm.

  2. Waking in the night,
    I hear a squawkous-raucous
    Out on their lake-shaped
    Resting station.
    How is it the geese have chosen
    This particular frozen place,
    How’d they spot it from way up high
    In their windy race?
    Down through the trees, the clouds.
    Did they remember the very place
    Where once they’d been snug inside their eggs?
    Where they first waddled on goosey legs?
    Where they slept warm in feather beds,
    With goosey dreams in their feathered heads?
    Honk: It’s so different now!
    Squawk: It looked so much bigger then!
    At least that’s what I believe they’re saying
    Or maybe they’re only praying
    That Winter will fly away
    And it will be Spring.

    • My gooseness, dear! So much to love about this one too! Neato poem. I would go out this minute to read it to the geese but they had all vanished this morning by 7:45. It was just a sleepover. Squawk, drop, snooze, poop, and leave. Didn’t care how the ice looked when they left.

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