I never like to clean up

Hi everyone,

Why is it more fun to build than tear down, put up than put them away, prepare than clean up afterward? We have a hard time getting around to taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, re-boxing ornaments, and toting them back to the basement. It’s tempting to throw a sheet over the whole shebang and leave the tree in the corner of the living room all year. Except that’s where our favorite chair goes and we’d miss having it in its rightful place.

In the animal world there are armies of critters that clean up after the messes we leave. Think dung beetle, but not too long. Reprehensible roaches. Worms. Fungi. If THEY can find pleasure in their work (though I’ve never heard one whistling about it), then why can’t we discover the joy of taking down a simple tree and putting it away? It’s yet another matter that I find puzzling.


4 comments on “I never like to clean up

  1. I finally took the last ornaments down, and all is in the basement. It is hard, but maybe because we take several weeks putting them all up throughout the house? At least I do. But then it’s supposed to all be put away in a few days. Hard to say goodbye, too. That favorite chair is like a reward, right?

    • Linda, someone else said they took down their ornaments yesterday and the tree would go soon. So maybe this is the weekend. I hope to at least make a good start this afternoon.

  2. I don’t put up a tree anymore. I hang ornaments on garlands draped across the windows, but they are still up. Maybe this is the weekend for me, too. But I think I’ll leave some lights up till the days grow a little longer!

    • Not a bad idea, JoAnn. I found a box of red balls in the basement after the tree was decorated so I hung them on a couple of plants in the living room. They’re still there and I like them.

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