Score one for the eagle

Hi everyone,

On Friday the eagle swung into view and landed atop a tall tree, as I mentioned in Saturday’s post. On Sunday it was back, suddenly dropping from the sky and grabbing a fish that thought it was safe a few inches below water.
The triumphant bird settled on a convenient limb across the lake from our house and dug into its fresh sushi. Crows materialized at once, as they always do, and fluttered among the limbs a few feet away. They’re not there to attack an eagle. They’re too smart for that. Instead, they worry it with their constant comings and goings, hoping the frustrated eagle will drop the fish and they can seize it first.

After a time the eagle grew weary of their game and flapped off with its meal to find a quieter spot to enjoy its spoils. I didn’t see where the crows went but I have a good guess.

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