Mock tragedy on Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

I got home from running errands yesterday to discover a cluster of emergency vehicles parked at the south end of Goose Lake. Several men and women in insulated wetsuits were focusing on the ice covered water where, midway across, a man was thrashing around. Two years ago a woman ran her car into the lake and died so I immediately worried about a new tragedy unfolding.

Then I noticed that the man in the water was wearing the same bulky protective gear that everyone else had on. And no one seemed to be in a huge hurry to get to him. And no one seemed too worried. Realizing that this was a training session, I relaxed and enjoyed the show.

It’s reassuring that these folks on whom we sometimes depend to save our lives get out in cold weather, break through icy sheets covering a lake, and practice getting it right so if and when they’re called on for the real thing they’ll be ready. Hats off ladies and gentlemen. I’m impressed and grateful for all you do.


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