Believe it or not

Hi everyone,

We shopped yesterday until 1:00 then headed for the airport and home. After three days of shopping for our store, individual cells in my bones were screaming for rest. We flew back to Tulsa and drove home from there, reaching our house at 7:00. Bought a lot of nice things though.

This month is moving slowly so far with Word of the Month. Are we struggling with the word: BELIEVE? I started work on my poem on the plane trips but it’s only an hour between Tulsa to Dallas so that didn’t give me much time. I’ll try to finish this week.

Today my pool table will be put to use again. It’s the best place in the house when I need to spread out sheets of paper or files or folders to sort them into order. I’ve all but finished a new collection of humorous poems so today I’ll spread the poems on the table while deciding where to place each one in the final grouping. My M.O.W. says this collection is as clever as anything I’ve done so either that means that I’m never very clever or I should be happy with this book.


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