My January Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,


Since I had the Santa Claus talk
and manned up to the Tooth Fairy thing
I pride myself on being realistic
a hard sell for pitches that require belief
without the proof

my door is shut to front step salesmen
yes I do screen my calls
junk mail – don’t make me laugh
TV commercials are bathroom breaks

so why
you ask
would a man sit this long dressed in his robe
pushing words around a page
as if there were some perfect combination
instead of taking down the Christmas tree
as asked
or changing batteries to silence the smoke alarm
chirping in the hall for a week like a throbbing conscience

because this time I’ll get it right
this time
it will turn out perfect
against all odds and who needs proof
this time I believe.


6 comments on “My January Word of the Month poem

  1. Oh, it’s so perfect, David. What fun. I’ve certainly been struggling about ‘beliefs’ in the poetry lately-too many other things are taking my words! Thanks for the smile!

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