Last call for January poems


Hi everyone,

If you believe you still have a poem in you for this month, now is the time to finish it and share it on Word of the Month. Remember, our January word is BELIEVE. We’ve had a number of believers this month who have reminded us of how many ways a single word can speak to us. With two days left in this first month of 2015, remember your New Year’s resolution: write more poetry!

I call the picture, “The beginning of an idea.”

For those with an interest in the new ILA release, here’s an Amazon link: . I got my author’s copy yesterday and am enjoying my first chance to read what other writers had to say on related subjects. Before now all I had seen was my own chapter on poetry. ILA is also selling individual chapters. Here’s the blurb for Chapter One.
Chapter 1
Poetry, the Write Thing to Do
David L. Harrison

Harrison, a poet/educator, explains why poetry is an important classroom teaching tool and provides numerous proven methods to engage students in writing, reading, and performing poetry. Strategies include practical prompts such as brainstorming through association, identifying themes, beginning with a single word or sound, and using technology to turn students into recording “stars.” Each strategy is explained, accompanied by mentor texts (poems), and presented in how-to steps that are easy to apply and for creating student enthusiasm. Additional subjects include poetry programs and writing rhymed versus unrhymed poems. In addition to professional references, a list of recommended children’s poetry books is provided.

ILA no. 387.01 | doi:10.1598/0387.01
Harrison, D.L. (2015). Poetry, the Write Thing to Do. In D.A. Wooten & B.E. Cullinan (Eds.), Children’s Literature in the Reading Program: Engaging Young Readers in the 21st Century (4th ed., pp. 3–19). Newark, DE: International Literacy Association.

Nonmembers: $7.50
Members: $6.00


6 comments on “Last call for January poems

  1. How cool are you,
    Writing words so true!
    For those who have to educate
    Kids to read & conjugate,
    They should give this groovy book
    A thoughtful and considered look –
    Take a look at every leaf –
    At least that is my belief.

    Will that work for January?

  2. I didn’t think I’d get it done,
    I wasn’t sure I had the time.
    With minutes left I sat right down,
    And pounded out this silly rhyme.

    As January closes fast,
    The snowy days I will not grieve.
    Instead look forward to the spring,
    And whisper, “Bulbs – believe, believe!”

  3. Okay – it’s only 11:12 p.m. on January 31 in Colorado! I barely squeaked in my poem David! I’ll try not to procrastinate next month!

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