February Word of the Month word is . . .

BULLETIN: My friend Susan Patterson Hutchens pitched in her first effort for WORD OF THE MONTH, just as the month ended and the whole slate got wiped clean to make way for February. Susan, I am so sorry that no one had a chance to read your poem. Please post it again and I’ll leave it up to give others time to appreciate your contribution. Thanks!

David on rock 5

Hi everyone,

Can it be February? Sigh. Can anyone slow this thing down?

Might as well make the most of it and write a poem. And the word for this month, taken from those that were proposed when we were searching for a December word, is CANDLE. That ought to light your imagination so let’s see what you can do with it.


4 comments on “February Word of the Month word is . . .

  1. Candle

    It’s Birthday month: I’m 74!
    The short wicked candle burns.

    Between Nor’ Easters,wind and snow
    My family comes, adjourns.

    The elders bring their rattled bones
    And ticklish touching smiles

    They know a moments all we’ve got
    Embrace and touch awhile.
    Jeanne Poland

    • Jeanne, thank you. A lovely bittersweet reminder. First time I met you, at the 2011 poetry workshop in Honesdale, you told the group that you didn’t write in rhyme. I still remember that wry little fib that set us up to be surprised again and again since then. I hope you’ll also post this under W.O.M. for others to enjoy there.

  2. Oh burning candle, too hot to handle?
    And none of that ‘rather than curse the darkness’ twaddle.
    I bless the flame, the flicker,
    Holding my gaze
    Punching a hole in the night with its bright waver,
    Sending streams to feed a pool of wax,
    Singing silent in a choir of lights.

    • Yay, Cheryl. Another fine example of how one’s mind can plunge off into anywhere with a small flame to show the way. Thank you, my friend.

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