Giant Sky Squid


Hi everyone,

I was taking pictures of the sunset when Sandy noticed the giant squid swimming across the sky between two enormous cloud banks. One of my favorite games as a child was finding shapes in clouds but I never saw a squid before. I guess that’s because squids don’t normally swim in Arizona or Missouri.


3 comments on “Giant Sky Squid

  1. So a response to your squid cloud AND a poem with BELIEVE in it.

    Seeing A Squid Cloud

    When I look up into the sky
    And see a squid cloud flying by,
    Or elephant, or giant snake
    Above our blue reflecting lake;

    When I see mammoths on parade,
    Or cumulus in shark charade,
    Or troops of ponies in straight rows
    or flocks of fluffy sirrus crows. . .

    I see such sights, both day and eve,
    SoI believe! Oh–I believe!

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

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