Over at Penny Parker Klostermann’s blog . . .

Hi everyone,

Today Penny Parker Klostermann is featuring a beautiful photograph taken by my son Jeff Harrison. He was sitting alone on a dock on the Nehalem River along Oregon’s west coast when he snapped this one. By day Jeff is a computer consultant, unless KU is playing. Then he’s watching the game and yelling things like Rock Chalk. He’s a great consultant but Sandy and I think he missed his calling and should have taken up photography. This is a good example of his work. I saw the picture, loved it, and wrote a poem to accompany it.

Penny has a new series featuring collaborative efforts by mixed generations and she was kind enough to choose us for her blog spot today. Here’s the link if you’d like to go pay a visit. It’s a neat idea and I’m sure that Penny will have a lot of fun with it. http://pennyklostermann.com/blog-a-penny-and-her-jots

Thanks, Penny. Way to go, Jeff!

9 comments on “Over at Penny Parker Klostermann’s blog . . .

  1. David, how wonderful. I loved the photos and the poem. It also brought back memories when my son spent time visiting at a friend’s cabin there. Beautiful area. Penny has an interesting blog. Thank you.

  2. David, great pictures of the Nehalem. I’m an Oregon ex-pat, and, although I don’t much miss the soggy bottom conditions of western Oregon, I do, sometimes, get kind of nostalgic over the old Salmon and Steelhead fishing days. Well, I’ve lived in Hawaii for many years, so do the math (chances I’d get nostalgic).
    Thanks again for the pics.
    a hui hou

    • Thanks, Gene. The west coast is majestic and the fishing is good, but the weather sometimes leaves a bit to be desired!

    • Thanks Gene…since you are an ex-Oregonian, I’m sure you could really feel the damp chill of the day! The nostalgia was sure thick that day, too.

    • That Oregon coast is majestic, Linda. We don’t get out there very often but enjoy it when we do. Thanks for visiting Penny’s site.

    • Linda, yes it is beautiful. And Dad, I KNOW you don’t get out here very often! Why don’t you come out and sit on that dock with me? I’ve got two chairs, and I’m pretty sure I can scare up a few more beers and peanuts. Anybody up for a sequel? 🙂

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