My February Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my candle poem.

A Night to Celebrate
by David L. Harrison

Papa brought home a candle!
More than just a stub,
enough to burn the night away.
Papa pleased Master today
and this was his reward!

Came home full of himself,
walking that way he walks,
like a proud rooster,
kissed Mama, picked me up
and swung me in his arms!

Tonight no smoky rush in tallow for us,
no foul smell, no unfaithful flicker.
Tonight the air smells fresh and clean
as bees in clover.

Mama puts a scrap of pork in our pottage.
Mama and Papa dance, he sings,
his face gleaming in the warm light.
Tonight we have a candle!


4 comments on “My February Word of the Month poem

    • Thank you, Jeanne. When I was researching for a YA novel I never wrote, I read where sometimes peasants were given or partly paid with stubs of wax candles from the master’s manor. It must have been worth a lot to have decent lighting in those dark hovels.

  1. A little memory holds a lot, David. This is nice, sad & wistful to me for times gone by, and gratefulness for something so small. I see your answer to Jeanne-have not heard of this. The peasants had a hard lot.

  2. I’ve been thinking all month long about my “candle” poem, and it “hit” me this morning as I watched the sun rise, blaze in the sky for about two minutes, and then quickly disappear into the clouds. Lucky sun – it got to go back to sleep on this frigid Friday morning! LOL

    Back to Bed!
    By Susan Hutchens

    Bursting like a newly-lit candle
    The early morning sun shoots up
    Tingles with the bitter coldness of new-fallen snow
    And quickly snuggles back into its blanket of gray.
    I wish I could do the same!

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