The Word of the Month word for March is . . .


Hi everyone,

I’m back. Thanks for my vacation. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I didn’t want you to waste the effort of dropping by now and then while I was away. Today is the last one from Captiva.

Well here we go into the third month of this lovely year and so we need a new word to inspire us. How about PACE? It can be noun or verb and can be applied to numerous situations. I look forward to reading what comes from your imaginations.

Thanks for all the poems and chat during February. I love it when newcomers join us. Please tell others to check us out and consider adding their own writing and/or comments.



9 comments on “The Word of the Month word for March is . . .

  1. Pacing Myself

    Entering into a
    any race,
    I am the one
    to set the pace.

    Being first
    I can embrace,
    Because I always
    set the pace.

    My driveness
    I can’t erase.
    I always have to
    set the pace.

    So if you know me,
    it’s the case–
    I have to always

    set the pace.

    I love the punch
    of wind in face,
    that feels just like
    a puff of mace.
    I love that no one’s
    in my space,
    Blue ribbon
    is my private place.
    Just watch me now
    pick up the pace
    and. . .

    Oh no!
    Can’t be!
    I’ve lost
    the race. . .
    Someone else
    picked up
    the pace.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Good morning, Dear Jane, and, as always, thank you for setting the pace! I’m glad to be back in harness and will join the race before long.

  2. Jane Yolen, I so love your verse. and welcome back, Dude!

    Had it been in Italy, where I came to be,
    In the many-splendored boot
    In the Mediterranean Sea,
    I’d have learned la lingua d’Italia
    From my mother’s lips and tongue.
    From her I’d learn my mother tongue
    But she – and I – were in another place
    Where ‘pace’ sounds like race, case,
    And mom’s pretty face
    But had we been Italian,
    ‘Pace’ would be pah-chay
    And we’d be speaking of PEACE..

    • It’s good to be back to work, Joy. I always appreciate those who post their work here for all to enjoy. I plan to make copies of these poems to post under WORD OF THE MONTH unless the poets prefer to do it themselves.

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