Oh honey, I’m home


Hi everyone,

Sandy and I + Larry and Maryann Wakefield + two weeks at Captiva = lots of fun and new good memories. I hope you enjoyed the pictures each day. I have more but will save them for other occasions. I gained several new followers during that period when the only thing I was posting was pictures. Hmmmmm.

I wrote not a word while we were there. If I’ve gone that long before without working on something, I don’t remember it. Mostly I read Connelly and Patterson books. I’d never read Connelly before and hadn’t read more than one or two Patterson but I got through three each and am about finished with a fourth by Patterson. Good old-fashioned escapism yarns with plenty of beautiful, brilliant women, despicable villains, and handsome heroes. And the good guys win!

Now it’s time for work. I’m eager. I need to get back to several projects, including one with Mary Jo Fresch and one with Jane Yolen. They’ve both been patient while I went off to relax. I need to play catch up!