My March Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my PACE poem. It’s based on an event I witnessed many years ago.

A Day at the Zoo
by David L. Harrison

forth-two-three-four –

Walking restlessly, endlessly pacing,
he could leap the length of the cell
if he chose to,
as he once leaped onto
backs of wildebeests.

forth-two-three-four –

He shakes his massive tawny head,
gazes out through bars with eyes
drawn blank by boredom,
coughs softly like a distant memory.
Years have traded his kingly coat
for a robe the shade of prison.

forth-two-three-four –

He pauses,
rises up on hunt-starved legs,
rests his paws high on the steel bars,
and drenches horrified onlookers with a thick stream
the high-noon color of sun on the savannah,
the vileness of freedom lost, contempt for captors,
the only revenge left for the lion.


7 comments on “My March Word of the Month poem

  1. Here’s my quick word of the month poem – based on real events in my life this month! LOL!

    Slow Down!
    By Susan Hutchens

    I knew I should have slowed my pace,
    (this body’s getting old!)
    But I pushed and played and worked too hard,
    And now I have a cold!

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