My work presented

Hi everyone,

The In-School Players, a theatrical group from Missouri State University under the direction of Michael Frizell, are presenting a play based on my work at sixteen Springfield elementary schools. They began on February 17 and will give the final performance on May 7.

So far they have appeared at Pershing, Williams, Fremont, McBride, Rountree, and Sunshine. Coming up are Boyd, Disney, Bissett, Robberson, Campbell, Jeffries, Delaware, Mark Twain, Weaver, and Harrison.

When the In-School Players perform at Robberson, I’ll be there too and talk to all the kids before the play begins. And naturally I’ll plan to attend David Harrison Elementary on May 7 when my work is presented there!

I’m eager to see the play crafted from the body of my work. My thanks in advance to Michael and his talented crew.