Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I was on the road all day Thursday and Friday driving in the rain. Driving behind or passing those 18-wheelers was like driving through a waterfall. By nightfall I was exhausted. Yesterday I was aware of an astonishing number of wonderful birthday wishes pouring in because Sandy read some of them to me.

When we arrived home, our overnight guest was here in the driveway so I went straight from unpacking to grilling steaks. Yes, in the rain. Later we had a good visit and I stayed up long enough to open some mail. I went to bed without checking messages or getting on the computer.

I thank you so very much for remembering me on my birthday! I promise to respond to those of you who sent cards, wrote poems, and created other entertaining wishes. I leave in the morning for the Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg, Missouri, so there just isn’t any way I’m going to catch up until Wednesday or so.

I’m not ungrateful; just swamped for now.

With love and gratitude to all,