Finishing a manuscript

David Harrison Elementary2 307

Hi everyone,

This morning I think I can attend to the final rewrites on a manuscript of poems that I started working on quite some time ago. There might be few final tweaks ahead but basically the job is done and I’m about to feel the bittersweet pleasure of clicking “send” and releasing my work into the hands of other parties.

Yesterday I received a revised contract for a social studies book I’m doing with Tim Rasinski for which I wrote sixty poems. There’s still some work to do on that one but I think my part is finished or close to it. Now the way is about clear to focus on a rather long book project with Mary Jo Fresch. We’re winding up chapter two for a 10,000 word proposal. Once that’s done, I have a picture book idea I want to try.

At 10:00 this morning I get to start Day Two of this 47th Children’s Literature Festival by meeting my first of four groups of students. Yesterday passed quickly. I’m sure that today will too.


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