Hi everyone,

Another outstanding literature festival in Warrensburg, thanks to tireless Naomi Williamson and her crew. I don’t know how they do it year after year but I’m grateful they do!

So now I’m home for a while and I’m looking forward to being here to watch spring wind its way around Goose Lake. The weeds already have a head start as usual and have begun creeping up through the paving stones in the patio.

Bring on spring!


12 comments on “Home

  1. Bring on Spring

    Have I told you I am ready
    for the surprise of green,
    those shafts of emerald light,
    the burst of buds,
    shimmering mantle
    on every tree?

    Have I told you I am ready
    for the violin curl of fern,
    daffodils gossiping
    on the hillside,
    squirrels turning somersaults
    on the porch railing?

    Have I told you I am ready
    for the pop of crocuses,
    earthworms swollen
    by soft rains, even mud
    up to my ankles.
    Have I told you?

    There are many lies
    in my mouth. Storytellers
    always admit that.
    But this is no fib.
    Truth is the song I sing.
    I am quite ready for the spring.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. (:>!
    Another birthday survived, another coming up right away in only twelve months. And off we go whistling down the road!

  3. Welcome back, David! Relax and enjoy the unfurling of spring from your home perch.
    Thank you, Jane, for your lovely spring song. What beautiful images!

    • Teeter-Totter

      Spring is a fulcrum season.
      Children know what to expect,
      having spent half their recesses
      on the teeter-totter.
      Every March we forget
      the ups and downs,
      demanding false spring
      to make up its bloody mind.
      But remember childhood,
      the ups and downs,
      learn to say “Wheeeeee!”
      and have fun along the way.

      ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

      • Sound advice indeed, Jane. I’ll go first: WHEEEEEEEEE!
        You know? I feel better already. Bring on the weeds!

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