Still here

Hi everyone,

After one of the most miserable winters we’ve had in a while, my old friend is still standing. IMAG2161The tree’s distortion, twisted and painful looking, reminds me of the incredible life of Stephen Hawking. In spite of all odds, it’s still going. Soon it will unfurl its leaves and offer its misshapen arms in welcome to a new generation of cardinals or robins. IMAG2162IMAG2164You go, Tree. You rock.

11 comments on “Still here

  1. Old Tree

    That tree, like Stephen Hawking,
    beaten down by hard winds,
    and a winter of polar proportions,
    still lifts limbs to the sun.

    How can I complain now
    of a brief chill, a weather
    hovering in the twenties,
    when the Hawkings of the world

    write books, make speeches,
    figure math, stoop to conquer,
    open buds to spring,
    keep the world’s breath clean.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Notice the green box in the foreground. I have 2 of those on the front lawn. Decided to paint it as a dragon, after being inspired by bold paintings in Newton MA of the corner utility boxes. If you like my rendering, you can invite me to come down and paint yours next to your old faithful

    • My friend, there’s no doubt in my mind that you would turn our utilities box into a dragon that would keep the raccoons off our yard once and for all! By the way, I just cruised down your blog for several minutes, admiring and enjoying your family.

    • Hello Pat dearest,
      Trees do the slowest strip tease of all, slow to put on their clothes, proud of their wardrobe, and feisty about taking them off with a colorful flourish.

    • Thank you, Cory. Maybe I should go stand by the tree and read aloud all the good wishes he has received. Even old trees like an atatree once in a while.

  3. I agree, Jane. With each passing season I expect to find the old guy on the ground, but he is made of true grit. We shall see how much longer he can remain standing.

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