Pointing the way to spring

Hi everyone,

IMAG2142 Each year about now the maple in our back yard drops red buds on the yard and patio, keeping for itself what it needs to grow into the season. I used to worry about all those buds on the ground but now I enjoy them as a welcome harbinger of the blossoms and green leaves that will soon decorate our days. Yesterday a brilliant cardinal landed among those buds on the ground and gave me a calendar moment.

The geese are at it on the water. The males are aggressive, showing their muscles, rushing toward one another, hissing and issuing sounds that sound remarkably like growling. The females are supposed to be impressed I suppose. I wonder what they really make of all the posturing. I hope to see Mama Goose show up on my bottom step to nest again one of these days. If she does, I’ll let you know what she has to tell me this year.

Follow Me!

Follow me I know the way to spring.
Step across my buds to greening grass,
soon to be the tickler of feet,
hider of beetles and tunneling worms,
feeder of geese who strut like owners.

Follow me I know the way.
Look up into my bare arms,
soon laden with leaves
unfurling like marionettes
dancing to the wind and rain.

Look down at spikes of green
shoots where hostas soon
will push their bushy heads
through moist earth
and dare snails to find them.

Follow me.
The way is clear.
Spring is near.


5 comments on “Pointing the way to spring

  1. My indoor plants are covered in blossoms; Don says it’s their way of telling me they need a new and bigger pot. The seed spreading has begun: as your charming poem tells us.

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