Raccoon in the attic

Hi everyone,

Gilda Radner was right: It’s always something. A few years ago a family of raccoons moved into our attic in the area above our bed. Our roof was 17 years old and needed replacing, which was an expensive way to rid ourselves of the critter worries. I wrote a book based on the experience called A PERFECT HOME FOR A FAMILY, published by Holiday House.

A week ago we heard the same familiar sound above our heads. A raccoon is up there. Don’t know how it gained entry. Don’t know how we’ll handle this one. I’m not amused enough to write another book, unless it would be called REVENGE OF THE RACCOONS.

Anyone have a handy resolution to raccoons in the attic?


11 comments on “Raccoon in the attic

  1. Maybe they should write a book! You could suggest it and I’ll bet they’d bite (pun intended). Then it would evolve into an If You Give a Mouse a Cookie type thing.

    If you ask a raccoon to write a book, they’ll ask you for some paper. If you give them a piece of crisp, white paper, then they’ll ask for a pencil. If you hand them a freshly sharpened pencil, they’re going to ask for an idea. If you give them a stellar idea, they’re sure to want to start a draft. That’s when they’ll discover there’s no light in the attic! By now they’re really into the whole writing thing and will probably leave the attic on their own for the perfect writing environment.

    If this doesn’t work, let me know. I might have another good idea 🙂

  2. You know how clever they are! We used to trap them and bring them to the college nearby. Meanwhile, we put a wire mesh fence around the entry way they created. They often bite through those especially if children are part of the invasion. You know they remember the attic flat they had before. Where did they get their food from? The pantry is remembered also….Maybe you should persuade their sense of smell to relocate…

    • They are clever indeed, Jeanne. I got rid of the last one by leaving crackers coated with peanut butter on each step of the pull-down ladder in the garage. I left the door up a foot that night and the next morning the crackers and raccoon were gone.

  3. Call an animal pest control service. They will come out and trap the raccoon, find the entry point, and seal it off. Could also be squirrels. New book could be nonfiction about the service pest control companies provide and how they release animals back into the wild in their natural habitat. In Alabama, I thought I was laying traps for pesky armadillos and instead trapped seven pesky raccoons that were digging up my yard looking for grub worms.

    • Dear Patricia,
      Thank you for the suggested remedy. If you had seven raccoons, you are for sure an expert on the subject! New book idea . . . hmmm. Thanks for that too!

  4. Word has spread through the critter community…your attic is a perfect place for a family. This will be a job for ….Super Mouse?

    • I’m afraid you’re right, Freda! Just my luck to have literate varmints around Goose Lake. I bet this one read my book!

  5. Never will I forget the night I was awakened by the ruckus that ensued after my Scottie treed a raccoon atop one of my dining room chairs. The poor bandit had to skedaddle past a scary human and the Aberdeen jaws of death to get back to the doggy door and out to safety in the night. As for Chez Harrison, have you called a roofer? animal control?

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