And the word for April is . . .

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Hi everyone,

Happy Poetry Month!

How can we be into the fourth month already? Let’s get ready for the month of greening and blossoming with a suitable word. How about RENEW?

Thanks to one and all who joined the Word of the Month fun in March. We finished with a flourish and enjoyed meeting some first time participants. Special thanks to Faith Jensen who posted poems by four of her students at Heritage Prep School in Orlando, Florida. We always love to see student work and appreciate teachers who take the time to share their students’ efforts!

Happy April Fools day to one and all. I can’t think of any prank I’ve ever played but if any of you have a story to tell, let’s hear it!



2 comments on “And the word for April is . . .

  1. Renew

    I am responsible,
    I am renown,
    When I am tired,
    I rewound.

    I am replete,
    Too often stuffed.
    And books resold
    (Though not enough!)

    I am resigned
    to be my age,
    And resurrection’s
    not my bag.

    Reviewing life,
    I have to say,
    naught to renew.
    Did it MY way.

    ©2015 Jane Yolen all rights RETAINED and RESERVED

    • And so, Jane, you get us off and running. Many thanks for turning the word around and showing us the reverse of renewal. Great!

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