My birds are not singing

Hi everyone,

The birds are quiet. What’s up with that? I sat on the patio and counted a dozen birds flitting from tree to tree or just perched on limbs, and not a one of them uttered a sound. Like something from BIRDS. They didn’t seem to be looking at me. I hope not. Today I watched two blue jays and a squirrel playing tag. The squirrel run up and down the trunk, leaped from limb to limb, and the birds sort of danced in air, landed here and there around the squirrel but immediately flew up again as he continued his acrobatics. And not one note was sounded. Come on. Jays are shouters. They scream even when they’re happy. If they had been after the squirrel, trying to drive it away, they would have been dive-bombing and yelling their heads off. But they didn’t.

Maybe they’re all waiting for the leaves to pop out so they can sing their songs behind the protection of green foliage. Don’t know. But for now they are quiet. Makes me want to whistle.


7 comments on “My birds are not singing

    • I bet you’re right, Michelle. They’re waiting for someone to go first. When I was a boy, whistling was something many people did, and some were quite musical. I remember a woman, the weatherman’s wife Dorothy Williford, who would come out to YMCA camp one evening each year, stand around the fire while we sat in anticipation, and whistle “Listen the Mockingbird” and other tunes. Now she would have taught my lazy no-good-for-nothing birds a thing or two!

  1. I goggled why birds sing in Spring, and found this:
    Scientists from Britain and Japan teamed up to solve this age-old problem. The result – birds sing not because of temperature changes or weather, but because of the lengthening days. As the days get longer, hormones are released which trigger the activation of a specific gene.
    So, maybe the days in MO are not long enough yet.

    • Well I’ll be! Jeanne, good work. I think I’ll go hang a calendar out on the patio. Maybe THAT will help.

  2. A hawk or some other predator is in the vicinity, maybe your eagle. (The predator could be as much as a mile or more away.) The birds know and don’t attract any attention to themselves until the danger is gone.

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