Served with the morning paper

Hi everyone,

I stepped out at 7:00 for the paper and discovered that our cherry tree spent the night scattering petals for me. How very thoughtful. Made me feel like royalty in my robe and slippers.


16 comments on “Served with the morning paper

  1. How gorgeous is this spring snow! Lucky you. I have a cherry tree memory. It was 1991 and I was sitting under a cherry tree in the grove in Central Park with a college classmate. Beautiful spring day, a moment of relaxation. Suddenly a strong breeze kicked up and we found ourselves in the center of a whirling vortex of blossoms, all blowing our way. As quickly as it came, the breeze died out and all the petals fell. We were so thrilled! That was almost 25 years ago and I still remember it vividly. Ah, nature.

    • I should send the pic to the News-Leader. They could advertise that they provide that little extra something with their paper.

    • Hello, Dear Jeanne!
      They are beginning to try harder, like a choir warming up their voices before they feel ready to perform. I think any time now they’ll sing me out for the paper and back.

    • Hi, Kathy,
      Here’s hoping you catch up soon. Blossoms are popping out everywhere here. Redbuds are out and dogwoods aren’t far behind. Lots to see and enjoy.

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