New adventure

Hi everyone,
On a trip sixteen years ago I wrote a chap book idea in my journal and have carried the thought in my mind ever since. For as long as I’ve been visiting schools I’ve been asked by students if I ever write chap books, those in-betweeners that fall somewhere between early readers and young adult books. My answer has always been no.

I finally decided to stop saying no and consider what it might take to say yes. In reviewing my old journal I reread those early notes and became excited again. The last week or so has been taken with additional research, more note taking, figuring out a plot, naming and knowing my characters, and creating an outline.

Yesterday I believed I was ready. On a fresh page I wrote my name in the header and the page number in the lower right side. At the top of the page I wrote, CHAPTER ONE.

For a time I sat there looking at those two demanding words so full of promise and puzzlement, wondering if I’m really cut out for this sort of thing. Maybe I’m too old to learn new tricks. But I was in my 50s when I started writing poetry. I shrugged and went to the kitchen and returned with more coffee.

Then I wrote the first sentence.

26 comments on “New adventure

    • Yep it’s true, Renee. I began thinking about writing poetry in my 20s but didn’t get around to writing any until much later. A guy needs to think about things first.

  1. “It was a dark and stormy night…” All kidding aside, I love your sense of adventure and can’t wait to see where this one takes you! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeff. Beginning something new always carries a sense of adventure. We’ll see where this one leads. Love you.

  2. Can’t wait to read the first David Harrison chapter book. And thanks for writing that you were in the 50s when you started writing poetry–that’s the most hopeful thing I’ve read in a long time!

    • Sure, Pat. Here it is. “Lightning flashed from the blue-black sky of this alien world and shattered the engines of the spaceship, destroying Reninger’s last chance of escaping and reminding him of the time his sister returned from New York with the tips of her hair dyed blue, except for the part about the lightning and the spaceship.”
      Oh wait, that was someone else’s work, entered into the worst writing contest a few years back.

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